UN hosts Prime Minister as honorary speaker on humanitarian activity, peace

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The United Nations Habitat Assembly hosted Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik an honorary speaker in its first session’s activity “Ties between humanitarian activity, peace, development and survival capability in Arab cities.”

Prime Minister delivered a speech in the opening ceremony in which he talked about challenges facing Arab region, especially countries witnessing conflicts including Yemen and resulted in hindering services, destroying infrastructure and their effects on millions of civilians causing huge displacement numbers.

He pointed to government’s vision for dealing with constructing damaged cities and curing psychological and social effects over the war and destruction.

“The question is, are we ready and able to deal with such situation?” he said, adding I confirmed here that our willing is strong and with support of brothers and friends will overcome these effects caused by Houthi militia’s war on the Yemeni people since their coup against the legal state.

He unearthed current discussions with donors and partners of Yemen’s development on priorities must be financed in short term, including infrastructure.

” If we take into consideration two thirds of countries witnessing or have witnessed conflict suffer from development’s weakness and variable distribution of it, we have found one of the key reasons of conflicts in the world,” said prime minister.

“As there is no development with security and stability, there is no stability without development and for reaching to inclusive and sustainable development in Yemen, we and the international community … must support realization of development and releasing reconstruction wheal and restoring economic recovery.”

He pointed out that Yemen faces complicated challenges worsened by Houthi militia-triggered war, in addition to humanitarian catastrophes changed the real situation of cities and urban gatherings.

He confirmed that the government understands that this real situation cannot be reflected and must be dealt with and having suitable solutions.




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