Yemen’s humanitarian crisis a product of Houthi militia’s coup, says Ambassador Mujallia

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Ambassador of Republic of Yemen to Warsaw, Poland, Dr Mirfat Mujalli contributed to the opening session of the Conference on Humanitarian Aids which kicked off its discussion on Tuesday.

The conference aims to discuss coordinating international efforts with private sector contribution to offer urgent humanitarian assistance to the people in need in the countries that facing humanitarian crises as a result of natural disaster of man-made actions such as armed conflicts and extremist groups activities like al-Qaeda and Houthis.

In her opening remarks Mujalli highlighted the Yemeni peoples’ suffering due to Iran-allied Houthi militia’s coup and war.

She described Yemen’s humanitarian crisis as a result of Houthi militia’s coup and war, ” Humanitarian crisis in Yemen won’t be ended but by eliminating the Houthi militia’ coup as it is the grass-root of the Yemeni crisis”, said Mujallia.


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