Govt stresses troop redeployment in accordance with agreed operations exposition

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September Net

The Yemeni government has stressed the imperative of redeploying troops with Houthis in Hodeidah in accordance with an agreed exposition for the operation.

In an address to the UN Security Council, Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN Abdullah al-Saadi highlighted the importance of completing the redeployment phases one by one and ensuring the tripartite observation of the process.

He affirmed the necessity of implementing the second phase of the redeployment after identifying the nature of the local authority and security forces and the measures of levying revenues in the city.

Al-Saadi pointed that the government won’t accept any unilateral ostensible withdrawals by the militia which explicitly violates the Stockholm Agreement signed by the government and the rebels last December.

He highlighted the importance of removing Houthi blocks in the crossing points to allow for an easy movement of UN staff inside Hodeidah city.

He noted the importance of correcting the course of redeployment which happened in the past period, demilitarizing, removing landmines, and burying trenches and tunnels in the city.

He said that the government showed flexibility and offered a lot of concessions to achieve peace and end the coup whereas the Houthi militia has been escalating the war and stepping up attacks against cities and public facilities.

He referred to the Houthi use of drones and ballistic missiles towards government-held territories in Yemen and towards Saudi Arabia. He also cited the Houthi attacks against international shipping. He pointed out that the Iranian regime is supporting the Houthis with smuggled arms to use them in terror attacks.




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