Vice President praises sacrifices of people of Al-Bayda


September Net

Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh has praised sacrifices of Al-Bayda people and their great heroism in facing Houthi rebel militia.

In his meeting with a number of Al-Bayda dignitaries led by the Governor Maj. General Naser al-Sawadi on Thursday, the vice President discussed with people of Al-Bayda latest field developments.

He urged doubling efforts and unifying fronts and supporting the national army for beating Houthi coup, expressing his great appreciation to support provided by the Saudi-led Coalition.

He confirmed that the people of Al-Bayda have made ideal example in courage, sacrifice and struggle for the victory of the republic and facing Houthi cleric militia, pointing to suffering of the Yemeni people over the coup, a matter needs fronts integration and boosting unified address under President Hadi.

The dignitaries expressed their appreciation to support provided by the political leadership, confirming integration of the people of Al-Bayda under the legality.


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