Yemen seeks Lebanese telecommunication expertise

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September Net

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Najeeb al-Aweg discussed on Friday with Lebanese Minister of Telecommunication Mohammad Shuqair, who is also the Head of Trade, Industry and Agriculture Champers Union, partnership in private sector, encouraging trade exchange and making use of Lebanese telecommunication expertise.

Al-Aweg confirmed significance of coordination for improving trade cooperation and facing all obstacles for encouraging private sector to carry out investment projects in different fields.

He touched upon current challenges facing the government of Yemen led by encouraging Yemeni capitals, which have been forced to leave Yemen because of the war- to return to the country via government’s continuous efforts for normalizing situations in liberated provinces.

Lebanese businessmen have successful investment experiences in fields of telecommunications, oil, tourism and others, confirming that Lebanese businessmen are still encouraged to invest in Yemen, especially in field of telecommunication.

For his part, the Lebanese minister confirmed mutual relations between the two countries, hoping that Yemen restore its security and stability as soon as possible, showing his willingness to do everything boosting economic cooperation.

The two parties agreed on holding economic meeting in Beirut for Yemeni and Lebanese businessmen for exploring investment opportunities as these meetings represent key pillar for establishing integrative trade relations and partnership.

The two parties also agreed on organizing technical workshops gathering Lebanese and Yemeni cadre for exchanging expertise and successful experiments in field of telecommunication for making a breakthrough in this field.


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