Info Minister demands UN to declassify probes into own agencies’ corruption in Yemen

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani has demanded the UN to declassify the outcome documents of corruption probes that the world body had carried out in its agencies in Yemen.

An investigative report by the Associated Press has learnt about the stories of corruption in the WHO and UNICEF from obtained U.N. investigative documents, eight aid workers and former government officials.

“The information contained in the (AP) report on corruption, nepotism, fraud, violations in staff hiring, deposition of millions of dollars donated as aid to Yemen into staffers’ bank accounts, suspicious contracts, disappearance of food and medical aid, diversions of aid to Houthis and allowing Houthi rebel leaders to travel in UN vehicles [to protect them from Arab Coalition strikes] is a very serious matter,” said al-Eryani in a statement to Saba.

He said this “affirms what we have always said; that the Iran-backed Houthis had infiltrated the UN aid offices in the rebel militia’s areas of control.”

He called the UN “to declassify these probes, transparently reveal the probe outcomes to the Yemeni people, review their performance in Yemen over the past years, and account for the multi-million dollar worth of food and medical aid that the Houthis stole from the mouths of the hungry and internally displaced.”

He called for a comprehensive UN investigation in the financial and administrative mismanagement in its agencies in Yemen, for that mismanagement affects the credibility of the UN and hurts the efforts of the brotherly and friendly countries to assist Yemen.


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