Yemen’s top relief aid official calls for probing corruption in UN agencies

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September Net

The chairman of Yemen’s Higher Commission for Relief Aid Abduraqeeb Fatah has demanded the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen to form a panel for investigating into the allegations of corruption in the offices of UN aid agencies in Yemen.

The Associated Press dropped a bombshell on Monday with an investigative report that uncovered several cases of corruption in the WHO and the UNICEF offices in Yemen in connection with the donated food and medical aid to Yemen, and cases of Houthi involvement in that corruption and in its cover-up.

In a message to the Coordinator Lisa Grande, Fatah stressed the imperative of providing the Yemeni government with accounts about these corruption allegations and the outcomes of the UN’s internal probe into them. He also called for punitive measures to be taken against the involved and negligent persons in the cases.

He said the Yemeni government won’t accept any shortcomings or abuse of relief aid donated to Yemen in the organizations.

He said that the corrupt exploitation of donated it is unacceptable and immoral.

He reminisced Grande about the government’soft-proposed plans to deliver relief aid to all Yemen’s provinces away from the reach of the armed Houthi militia who divert and steal the aid. But the UN organizations, he said, are sticking to the old course of aid delivery.




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