Govt holds STC accountable for armed escalation in Aden

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September Net

The Yemeni government said it “holds the Southern Transitional Council responsible for the armed escalation” that continued today Thursday in the temporary capital Aden.

Using heavy arms, the southern separatists have attempted for the second day to seize state institutions and military camps from the internationally recognizing government, locked in years long conflict with the Iran-backed radical militia of Houthis.

In a statement, the government “regrets that those gangs refuse to spare the city and peaceful population of Aden the risk of slide into cycles of violence.”

It said it is working with the Arab Coalition member states to investigate into the events. It also called on the command of the Coalition represented by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to exercise urgent and firm pressure on the STC to end its military moves in the city and to force all paramilitary formations to integrate into the official military institutions.

The government called on the political parties and Yemeni public to act upon their nationalistic responsibility in rejecting, resisting and condemning these uncalculated rebellions that, if unstopped, will make things spiral out of control and plunge the country in dangerous chaos.

“Until today, our country has not yet overcome the consequences of the Houthi militia’s coup and insurgency including the collapse of the state, salaries system and economy…,” it reminded, calling on “all the reasonable to push for the prevailing of reason and of the supreme national interest.”


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