Govt Spokesman says no compromise on Yemen’s unity and sovereignty

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September Net

The spokesperson of the Yemeni government Rajeh Badi said the country’s unity and sovereignty are not for compromise or discussions.

“Amidst speculations that a dialogue maybe held between the government and southern separatist militias who mounted a coup with backing from the United Arab Emirates against the government in Aden on August 11, the Yemeni state leaders are in the Saudi city of Jeddah and in constant communications with the Saudi leadership to address the recent rebellion and the UAE’s air strikes against the army in Aden and Abyan cities in support of the rebels”, he pointed out.

“From the first day, the government is renewing its declared welcome of dialogue upon the call of the Saudi foreign ministry. We are making it clear, however, that no form of dialogue has taken place so far with the Southern Transitional Council,” he said, welcoming the Saudi brotherly support to Yemen.



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