Yemen’s Army lights Torch of 26 September Revolution near theocrats-held Sana’a


September Net

Yemen will be celebrating tomorrow the 57th anniversary of the 26 September Revolution against theocratic Mutawkilite kingdom, which ended in the declaration of the Republic.

This evening the Yemeni army lit the Torch of the Revolution in Nehm Mountains east of the capital Sana’a that, since a coup in September 2014, has been under the control of Houthis – descendants of the theocrats against whom the earlier republicans revolted.

The range of Nehm Mountains is a frontline where the Yemeni army stands ready to take capital city.

“The anniversary of 26 September commemorates the moment of the deliverance of Yemen from enslavement، the foundation of equal citizenship.

The revolution’s most sublime goal was to set up a fair republican government and a strong patriotic army,” said Maj. Gen. Mohsen al-Khabbi the commander of the Seventh Military Region in charge of Nehm as he sparked the flame of the torch.


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