Yemen FM: ‘Since coup, Houthis have sought to reinstate backward theocratic rule’

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September Net

Yemen’s Foreign Minister said the Houthi rebel militia “have sought to reinstate the backward theocratic rule” of the Imamate since they mounted the military coup of September 2014.

Addressing the 18th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in the Azerbaijani capital today, Mohamed Al-Hadhrami said the militia “believe in the God-given right to rule” and to realize this goal the theocrats triggered the ongoing war that has devastated everything in Yemen and torn apart the social fabric of the united Yemeni nation.

“The militia are still committing all types of enormous atrocities against civilians in defiance of the international humanitarian law; among many، they have planted more than two million landmines that have so far killed and maimed thousands of civilians including women and children.”

He said the militia have sidestepped different peace opportunities since 2015, most recently by splitting hairs about the Stockholm Agreement of December 2018 “which explicitly states requires them to withdraw from Hodeidah’s three ports, engage in a prisoner swap process, and end the vice like siege around Taiz city.”

He said the militia’s continued attacks on Saudi civilian facilities “and international shipping routes at the direction of Iran showcases how dangerous and how much of a threat to the region these extremist militia have become.”



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