Houthi militia commits 25 thousand human rights violations in Sana’a

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September Net

The Minister of State and Mayor of the capital Sana’a revealed that the Iran backed Houthi coup militia has committed 25,714 violations and crimes against citizens in the capital Sana’a since 2017.

Major General Abdulghani Jamail said as he launched the human rights report entitled “Under Poverty Line” prepared by the Human Rights Office in the capital Sana’a , the violations and crimes of the Houthi militia are increasing day by day and year by year.

He called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to put pressure on the militia to stop its violations against civilians.

Jamail also demanded the United Nations to open an office in Marib governorate to look closely at the conditions of the displaced and victims of the abuses of the coup militia, and monitor what the Houthi militants are stealing from the relief allocated to those affected by the war.

The Director of Human Rights Office in the capital Fahmy al-Zubairi said the militia’s violations, distributed between killings, injuries, torture, arrests , looting public and private property, recruitment of children and other violations against childhood and women.

He pointed out that the report monitored 274 cases of direct shooting and murder under torture , 105 cases of injuries caused by brutal torture, including 14 cases of paralysis, and 7 cases of memory loss committed by the Houthi militia in the same period.

In the ceremony, Samir al-Dhabyani, a detainee recently released from the Houthi-run prisons, said he and other prisoners were subjected to brutal methods of torture, including hanging, severe beating, depriving from sleep for days and detaining in a dark solitary confinement for months, pointing out that some detainees died under torture.


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