Presidential advisor, Japan Defense Minister discuss Houthi destabilizing of regional security

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September Net

Presidential advisor Abdulmalik Almekhlafi called in a meeting with Japan’s Defense Minister Kōno Tarō for international pressure on Iran to stop supplying arms to the Houthi militia that seized the capital Sana’a in 2014, triggered a war and have posed a threat to the regional security and international navigation off Yemen’s shores.

Almekhlafi met Tarō and Japan’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs Suzuki Keisuke in the Bahraini capital on the sideline of their participation all in the Middle East’s premier security summit in Bahrain on 22–24 .

Almekhlafi pointed to the Houthi evasion of all peace offers and spoiling of the latest peace deal- the Stockholm Agreement of December 2018.

He said the government is earnest to achieve peace and has offered a lot of overtures and concessions to make it happen but the Houthis, with backing from Iran, worked and still works to sabotage peace.


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