PM orders purchasing necessary equipment for sanitation network in Aden

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik has given directives to authorities in charge to approve the needed amounts of funds to purchase the necessary equipment for sanitation network in the interim capital Aden to improve water services for the population.

As he met with Governor of Aden Ahmed Salim Rabi’a this evening, Dr. Ma’een ordered the Ministry of Finance to secure immediately the needed funds to buy three generators for the water supplies network in Ber Ali. The total cost of the generators and accessories is one million and 850 thousand euro.

He also gave instructions to accomplish necessary procedures to buy 6 vehicles designed to pump sewage water and 6 vehicles designed to open the corks of the sewage network. The total cost of this estimated at one billion and 600 million Yemeni Rials (YR).


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