Govt’ s spokesperson: government committed to Riyadh Agreement, STC blamed for escalation


September Net

Spokesperson of the Government Rajeh Badi affirmed that the government is strictly abide to Riyadh Agreement, committed to carry out its overall articles in accordance with the specified mechanism.

He categorically denied to be there any military mobilization toward the interim capital Aden as the South Transitional Council (STC) claimed in its statement.

Badi affirmed that what happened is that a battalion of the Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB) came to Abyan government heading toward the interim capital Aden in accordance with Riyadh Agreement which stipulated the return of the whole PGB to Aden. The battalion which has been authorized to return to Aden was moved in coordination with the brethren in the Command of Arab Coalition in accordance with Riyadh Agreement’s articles.

Badi accused militias affiliate to the STC of intercepting these troops while they were approaching to Shoqra region in Abyan governorate, the militiamen opened fire on the government’s troops, consequentially there had been clashes resulted in killing and wounding several servicemen.

” The STC has no right to intercept the troops nor to open fire on”, said Badi.
The government’s spokesperson held the STC accountable for the escalation and the endeavor to impede the implementation of Riyadh Agreement by these irresponsible acts.


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