It won’t serve peace to delay implementing Riyadh Agreement, says FM

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami underlined the need to fully implement Riyadh Agreement, warning of any attempt may aim to impede the implementation of the agreement because that will play into the hands of Houthi rebels and Iranian scheme in Yemen.

” Regretfully, practical actions on the ground indicate that there are some obstructions and overdue in the implementation of the stipulated articles of the agreement. This is unhelpful, it isn’t in the interest of anybody, won’t serve peace process, but it will play into the hands of Houthi militia and its Iranian plan in Yemen.

Al-Hadrami’s remarks came as he met with the US Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel on Thursday. He cited the government’s efforts to re-normalize the situations and re-instate basic services and revitalize the state’s institutions in the interim capital Aden.

The Foreign Minister also touched upon Houthi militia’s actions aiming to block international organizations’ humanitarian efforts, blaming the militia for looting humanitarian aids, blackmailing international organizations.

Al-Hadrami praised the US administration’s support for the legitimate government and peace efforts, welcoming the new sanctions imposed by the USA against Iranian entities helped smuggling weapons to Yemen.

The US diplomat affirmed his country’s support for the legitimate government and implementing Riyadh Agreement.

Henzel reiterated the US support for the UN’s efforts and Yemen’s security, stability, unity and its territorial integrity.


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