UN blind-eye approach emboldened Houthi terrorist crimes, says Yemen Cabinet

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September Net

Yemen’s Cabinet on Thursday condemned the international community and United Nations’ acting blind approach towards Houthis as a signal that emboldens the theocratic militia to go ahead with their terrorist crimes.

The militia fired a new missile on Al-Rowdha district in the eastern Yemen city of Marib on Wednesday night leaving six internal displaced injured, three children and women of them severely, and leaving others missing under the rubble.

In a meeting on Thursday, the Cabinet condemned the “persistence of the militia in their gruesome attacks against civilians the latest of which was last night’s attack.”

The Cabinet said in a statement the militia’s acts are a spitting image of the acts of other terrorist organizations, on top of which is al-Qaeda and ISIL.”

“It is time the international community should take a clear and candid stand on these despicable acts, not to stay confined to shy condemnations.”

The Cabinet said these type of attacks reiterate the terrorist nature of the Houthis who pursue trans border sectarian religious agenda in service of the Iranian regime.”

“Believing in the coupist militia’s yielding to peace is a false hope and a misleading bet,” said the Cabinet. “The decision of this militia is not in their hands, they move according to the agenda of the Iranian regime.”


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