Yemeni Armed Forces congratulate President Hadi on his 8th election anniversary


September Net

Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff sent on Friday cable of congratulation to His Excellency President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Commander-in-Chief, on the eighth anniversary of his election as President of the Republic of Yemen.

“On behalf of all members of the armed forces, we would like to congratulate your Excellency over winning the confidence of all Yemeni people on 21st February, 2012, wishing you success in assuming national duties and responsibilities in this complex stage… ” the cable reads.

“Your Majesty, we assure you that the national military institution will remain the safety valve of the homeland, safeguard its territory and protect its sovereignty. It will remain sold shield against the plot schemes and the agendas of destruction and terrorism and extremism. ”

“The National military institution will stand by the choices of our people, defend their dignity and preserve their gains and it will be a defensive barrier in the face of the attempts aiming to trigger chaos and destabilize security and stability in Yemen as well as the region.”

” We remain committed to carry out duties at any time or place, continue the struggle, offer sacrifices and complete liberating every inch of the country, meet people’s aspirations to restore their legitimate state and confront destructive and conspiratorial projects that seek to tamper with the unity, identity, sovereignty and integrity of the homeland…”


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