Governor of Marib confers with UN’s Envoy on humanitarian situation in the Governorate

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Governor of Marib governorate Maj. General Sultan Al-Arradah conferred with the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General Martin Griffiths over the situations, prospects for peace and the humanitarian situation in the governorate.

Al-Arradah stated that the Yemeni people are peace-loving, desperately looking forward to establish a genuine and sustainable                                         peace that is based on the three terms of reference including the GCC’s Initiative, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council’s resolutions, namely 2216.

The governor has made it clear that it is hard to reach peace with a militia its decision held a hostage by the Iranian regime’s expansion and spoiler scheme in the region.

Al-Arradah said” We’re operate under a legitimate government and constitutional umbrella, we want peace, well-aware that no security, nor development without peace, but peace in light of a militia, is not peace, it is false peace”.

The governor added ” We need a secure state that can be active member in the international community, but this is can only be realized by reinstating the Yemeni state and its legal authority”.

For his part, Mr. Griffiths in a brief statement to the reporters following the meeting said” Yemen in my opinion was going through a critical curve, we need to silence the guns or we’re once again going to be engaged in a wider-scale of conflict”.

The UN’s envoy affirmed that solution in Yemen can’t be achieved militarily, but peacefully by political dialogue.



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