Marib stakeholders discuss facing covid-19 together

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September Net

The local authority of Marib and humanitarian agencies in the province discussed in a meeting on Saturday a plan to face the coronavirus epidemic together.

No infections have been reported in Marib or the rest of the country yet, but the Yemeni government is working on prevention and emergency healthcare plans.

The Deputy Governor of Marib Abd-Rabbu Miftah held the meeting of today with an emergency healthcare panel and humanitarian work stakeholders operating in the province to prevent the emergence of the disease among the local population and face any infection scenarios together.

He affirmed that the governorate is corona-free as not a single case has been reported yet. He said that all medical facilities and the public themselves should be prepared to prevent the disease and handle any suspected infection appropriately.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry called in a statement on all the country’s healthcare workers and medical students to enroll in a list of standby volunteers for helping it fight any outbreak of coronavirus in Yemen.


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