Defense Minister says Houthis enlist child fighters to beat Yemenis into submission


September Net – Saba

Minister of Defense said the Houthis fighting the government for six years are continuing until this moment to enlist child fighters in attempt to beat Yemenis into submission and expand the theocratic militia’s control in the country.

In a meeting with the Authority for Popular Support to the armed forces, Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Maqdashi hailed Yemen’s tribesmen for “their voluntary volition to support the armed forces” amidst non-terminating and vehement Houthi attempts to invade the government stronghold of Marib and the drafting of countless child fighters into the frontlines.

He said the militia use enticements and intimidation to conscript minors to the warfronts to be sacrificed on the altar of the Houthi theocratic and dynastic rule agenda.

He hailed the support that tribesmen from across Yemen offer to the armed forces saying it reflects “the Yemeni people’s living sense of belief in their Yemeni and Arab identity and their commitment to the republican system.”


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