Third Military Region Commander: Army makes significant field advances in Hilan front, moves towards Sana’a


September Net

The commander of the 3rd Military Region, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Hobaishi, confirmed that the armed forces backed by the popular resistance made large field advances on Wednesday in Hilan front western Marib province.

In a statement to September Net Maj. Gen. Al-Hobaishi explained that the army forces carried out a lightning and quality operation during which they were able to liberate the positions where the Houthi rebels were stationed, in the left, right, and heart of Hilan front.

“The liberated sites are of great strategic importance and among the most important sites in Hilan Mountain, which have now returned to the control of Yemeni armed forces,” he said.

Maj.Gen Al-Hobaishi also confirmed the killing, wounding and capture of dozens of Houthi militiamen and the regaining of large quantities of weapons and ammunition that were in the possession of Houthi rebel militia.

The armed forces and popular resistance continue to advance on the ground until the liberation of the entire parts of Serwah, and then to go towards the capital Sana’a, he stressed.


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