Spokesman: Army’s continued victories in Serwah changed course of battle


September Net

Yemeni armed forces, backed by tribesmen and the Arab coalition, have achieved significant victories and advanced on the ground in Serwah front in western Marib province, said the armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali.

In a special statement to September Net, Brig. Gen. Mujali said that the army combat attacks came in response to the escalation carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia.

“They achieved victories that made the army look with eyes front on Kholan as a gateway to Sana’a,” he said.

“These attacks resulted in the liberation of many significant sites and mountain heights in the strategic Hilan mountain range, including Alkanas positions and a number of heights surrounding Al-Khattab and Al-Muhtadi Mountians,” he added

“Militia’s well fortified positions in Hilan Mountains have been heavily shelled by army artillery, and coalition air forces have also targeted militia’s gatherings and reinforcements coming from Sana’a in the area itself. So, the militia suffered heavy human and material losses, and a number of its elements were captured, and the army regained large quantities of various weapons left by the militia in Hilan Mountains,” he said

Brig. Gen. Mujali confirmed that the army had a well-planned operation through which it succeeded to turn Serwah front into a cemetery for Houthi militia invaders.

The spokesman for the armed forces praised the high morale, combat readiness of the national army, the popular resistance, and men of the tribes, who played a major role in achieving victories and gains on the ground.

He confirmed that the army will continue combat operations in response to the continued escalation of the Houthi militia and its rejection of all initiatives, agreements and calls for peace.

Brig. Gen. Mujali praised the role of the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces supporting the army to win this fateful battle, namely the battle to restore the state and complete the liberation of Yemen from the grip of the Houthi militia.




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