Over 123 Houthi attacks on army positions monitored in 24 hrs


September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia committed more than 123 attacks in the past 24 hours on Sunday, in various fronts, as the army followed to the orders of President Field Marshal Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to cease fire in response to the UN Secretary-General’s call for the consequences of the spread of the new Coronavirus.

The attacks ranged from firing rockets towards civilian areas, army camps and positions in the front lines, and reinforcements and movements of Houthi elements to the fronts, along with targeting the militia with heavy artillery and machine guns for army positions.

Houthi militia sustained to push reinforcements and new crowds to Serwah, Hilan, Al-Jawf, Al-Dhale and Taiz fronts, as well as a ballistic missile fired by the Houthi militia was intercepted in Marib yesterday.

In Lahj, Hajjah, Taiz, Sana’a, Al-Dhale and Al-Bayda provinces, the Houthi militia has focused its attacks on army positions, where they have been shelled with mortars and machine guns.


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