PM reviews with Ambassadors of the P-5 member of Security Council developments in our country

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Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik held discussions Wednesday with the Ambassadors of the five Permanent member states of the UN Security Council to our country.

The meeting aimed to discuss the latest developments about the events in our country in view of the recent developments and the UN’s international stances in support of the legitimate government and the ongoing good offices to establish peace in order to unify the efforts to counter coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting touched upon the International Community’s rejection to the so-called ” self-administration of the south” that has seriously undermined the state’s institutions action in the interim capital Aden the efforts to implement Riyadh Agreement and to stem the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Houthi militia’s unconstructive response to the truce was also touched upon.

Underway arrangements to hold Yemen donor conference 2020 was also key point of the discussions

The Prime Minister has made it clear that the only factual solution to establish peace in Yemen is to reinstate the official authority and institutions and put an end of the Houthi militia’s rebellion.

Dr. Ma’een reiterated that the government has always been very keen to support the efforts of the UN’s envoy to Yemen and make his good offices successful.

The Prime Minister touched upon the subsequent implications of the recent events in the wake of the declaration of the Southern Transitional (STC) of the so-called ” Self-administration of the south”.

He held the STC accountable for the catastrophic consequences in the Aden where coronavirus pandemic is increasingly spreading, blaming the STC for looting the state’s resources.

Ma’een reaffirmed the government’s full commitment to implement Riyadh Agreement. At the same time he stated that the armed forces will do the necessary job to maintain the state, its institutions and protect the peoples’ interests.

” The Government’s rational and wise action doesn’t mean weakness but iy is an attempt to save the people more suffering”, said Ma’een.

The Ambassadors reaffirmed their countries’ support to the UN envoy’s efforts to revive political solution process.

They also stressed that is very important to put Riyadh Agreement into effect and it is very important for the STC to abandon the steps it has taken.


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