Families deplore Griffiths’ silence as relatives face covid-19 danger in Houthi jails

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A large number of Yemeni families have deplored the UN peace mediators’ silence as thousands of their relatives held hostage by the Houthis face the risk of contracting coronavirus in the jails of theocratic militia in Sana’a and elsewhere.

In a press conference in the government-held city of Marib where tens of thousands of people who escaped Houthi crackdown live, the Organization for Captives and Hostages even accused the militia of “infecting the hostages with coronavirus in addition to denying them access to medicines.”

The families demanded Martin Griffiths, the UN Resident Coordinator and the ICRIC to pay visits to their loved ones and provide them with the medical care they need for several medical conditions and infections including covid-19.

They condemned the militia’s racial discrimination between prisoners as they prepare the potential list of hostages to be freed in case of a prisoner swap with the government according to the Stockholm Agreement of 2018.

The families said the militia’s enforced disappearance and torture of civilian oppositionists in jails is a guilt that will not deteriorate with the laps of time.


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