‘Houthi religious tax only the latest episode in 1300 year history of robbing Yemenis’

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September Net

The Yemeni female activist Arawa al-Khattabi has described the one-fifth percent tax law enacted by the Houthi militia in northwest Yemen as “only the latest episode in a 1300-year history of robbing Yemenis” by the Zaydi theocratic rulers.

In a seminar organized by the Yemeni Coalition for Women here on Tuesday, al-Khattabi said the latest dynastical regime of Hameed Addeeen household 1918-1962 was so deeply involved in confiscating people’s private money that the Yemeni people at that time experienced a massive famine.

Adel Al-Ahmadi a chief of a studies center said the Houthis are “a racist religious group that claim supremacy drawing on fake religious scriptures.”

American lawyer Irina Tsukerman said the militia imposed the law because the shortage of fund the militia faces as a result of the international community’s cut of humanitarian aid which they used to exploit. She said the militia are raising funds for Hezbollah and Iran in different ways at all times.




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