53 Yemeni fishermen released for 7 Eritrean soldiers

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September Net

The Eritrean authorities released 53 Yemeni fishermen yesterday were detained by the Eritrean coast guards.

In exchange 7 Eritrean soldiers were set free after being arrested by the Yemeni coast guards nearby Hunaish island several days ago.

An Emirati mediation helped to reach an agreement on detainees exchange under which the seven Eritrean soldiers set free in exchange for all the Yemeni fishermen who have been detained in Eritrea.

The Eritrean soldiers were detained by the Yemeni coast guards while they were hunting down the Yemeni fishermen nearby Hunaish Island.

Governor of Hodeidah governorate stated that local authority is engaged in following-up the release of the fishermen who are still held detainees by the Eritrean coast guards.



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