Houthis kill citizen after bombing his house, abducting his sisters

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militias have killed on Wednesday the citizen Majid Farhan al-Zarari after kidnapping his two sisters in the west of Taiz province.

Local sources said the Houthi rebels accused Zarzari of being in contact with the ‘ISIS’, a charge that the militias are making against anyone who opposes their ideas or confronted their Iranian-backed coup project.

Yesterday, the Houthi militias kidnapped Zarzari’s sisters ,Yasmine and Haifa Farhan al-Zarari, from the village of Goranah in Makbanah district to pressure their brother to surrender himself to them.

The rebels killed today the innocent Zarari, but his sisters still in their hands and refused to reveal their fate, according to the sources.

The criminal militias blew up in the past week the house of Zarari and his sisters in the village of Zarari in the south of Shara’b al-Rounah northern Taiz. So they forced to flee to  Makbanah, but there is no safety in the militias’ control areas.


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