Vice President meets with UN Secretary General Envoy to Yemen

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Vice President Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh met on Tuesday in Riyadh along with Foreign Minister Khaled Alyemany with the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Girffiths.

The session aimed to discuss the underway efforts to establish peace in our country.

The Vice President welcomed Mr. Griffiths, highly appreciating the UN-led efforts to achieve permanent peace that eliminate Houthi militia’s coup and restore the Yemeni state.

Lt Gen. Mohsen pointed out to President Hadi’s instructions to the government team in the committee charged redeployment to deal constructively with the UN-led good offices aiming to implement understandings about Hodeidah, citing continuous delay and reluctance by Houthi rebel militia regarding the withdrawal while International Community (IC) keeps on silence toward such intransigence.

Mohsen reiterated the legitimate government’s insistence on the importance of the implementation of Hodeidah agreement in full, Houthis withdrawal from the city and seaports, handing over the seaports to local authorities in accordance with the Yemeni law, as this is key step to move forward to any new round of consultations.

The Vice President pointed to the humanitarian situations, citing the government’s and Arab Coalition’s efforts to alleviate the Yemeni peoples’ suffering. He stated that the national troops are willing to open safe humanitarian routes to carry out the food stuffs from the Red Sea Silos to feed the people in need.

He noted that Houthi militias have refused to pull out from the seaports under the agreed on redeployment plan in Hodeidah. The plan was supposed to be carried out from 24 to 28 of last month. He called on the UN and (IC) to press for implementing the UN’s agreements and resolutions, pressuring Houthis to come to peace. He cited the concessions offered by the legitimate government.

Mohsen touched upon the continuous crimes and violations by the Houthi militia on the daily basis including the aggressive siege has been imposed by the militiamen on the population of Kusher district of Hajjah governorate.” The Villagers have been subjected to shelling with tanks, ballistic missiles, the UN and IC need to act to stop such brutalities by Houthi militia”, said Mohsen.

The UN envoy expressed pleasure to meet the Vice President in order to explore opportunities for implementing Sweden Agreement. He stated that we might have the last chance to make put an end to the Yemeni peoples’ suffering.

Director of Republic Presidency Office Dr. Abdullah al-Alim was in attendance.


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