Houthis commit horrific violations against Hajoor tribes, Human rights say

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September Net

A report by Human rights groups in Hajjah province have  revealed the massive violations committed by Houthi militias against the citizens of Hajoor region.

The report documented hundreds violations since the rebel militias start their aggression and siege against the tribesmen of Hajoor in the districts of Kushar in Hajjah.

The report said that the Houthi militias have mobilized thousands of its fighters and launched several attacks on the tribal areas from all sides, using various heavy and medium weapons in the shadow of a shameful silence of the international organization, which are still absent for what is happening to the residents of Hajoor.

The report said the Houthi coup militias have killed 52 people including 2 children, and 3 women, and wounded 181 others, among them 9 children and 7 women, since they launched a war on Hajoor region.

The militias’ shelling caused huge damages on 1750 houses, occupied 756, blew up one Mosque and one public school”, according to the report.

115 schools have been closed among them 45 were bombed by the militias, while 8 others turned into military barracks and 22 inhabited by displaced people.

The Houthi militias deprived 20,000 students from continuing their studies, destroyed 272 farms, including 25 were demolished by the bombing, while 126 farms region were occupied.

The militias have been imposing  a military siege for more than 141,000 civilians of Hajoor tribes, preventing them from Food, water, medicine.

The human rights group have warned of the aggravating humanitarian conditions in Hajoor which is under Houthi militias’ siege.

The groups also called the International Security Council and the Human Rights organizations to carry out their duties and condemn the crimes of the militias against the residents of Hajoor. It also demanded the UN Special envoy to Yemen “Martin Griffith” to condemn genocide and crimes committed against humanity.


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