Arab parliament condemns Houthi violations against Yemeni MPs

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September Net

Arab parliament Speaker Meshal al-Salami strongly denounced Houthi militias violations against Yemeni members of parliament, calling for providing international protection to them.

Al-Salmi said in a statement that the United Nations should adopt resolutions aiming at punishing Houthi militias and their supporters, protecting Yemeni parliament members, releasing prisoners and returning houses and properties to their original owners

He added that he had recently received a letter from Yemeni Parliament Speaker Sultan Al-Barakani on Houthi militias’ grave breaches, including putting parliament members under house arrest and forcing them to attend illegal sessions.

He pointed out unconstitutional and illegal trails of all the parliament members who rejected Houthi militias’ coup, bombing their houses and rendering their families homeless in violation of all international values, laws and norms.


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