Houthi militias demolish academic education, employ it to spread extremism, PM says

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September Net

Prime Minister Mo’een Abdulmalik said that the payment of 50% of the salaries of university professors and staff in areas controlled by the Houthi militia  is a first step in the path of saving education and its pioneers .

“The Houthi militia is systematically destroying the academic education and employed it to spreading extremism and sectarian ideas,” the prime minister tweeted at his Twitter account.

Saba new agency quoted Deputy Minister of Finance Salim bin Boreik as saying the Ministry started to pay 50% of the professors’ salaries in the militia’s controlled regions.

The professors and university’s staff will receive their salaries via al-Kuraimi bank.

It is important to mention that the government recently has paid 33 thousands of health sector’s employees in the militia’s controlled regions. Up to 13 government’s employees in Hodeidah governorate also have been paid regularly.


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