Taiz Commander confirms continuing military operations for liberating the province


September Net

Commander of Taiz Military Pivot Brigadier General Samir al-Sabiri has confirmed that the military operations launched by the national army on Friday will continue until liberating the whole province of Taiz from Houthi rebel militia.

Talking to Saba News Agency, al-Sabiri made it clear that the military operations comes in retaliation to Houthi militia attacks on army’s positions and shelling populated neighborhoods of the besieged city of Taiz for four years.

The national army is on high alert and will carry out fighting tasks and counter-attacks against Houthi militia’s positions for liberating the areas of the province still under Houthi control.

The northern and north-eastern and western areas of Taiz city has been witnessing violent clashes for the third days respectively during which the national army accomplished advance causing Houthis huge losses.


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