On the 4th memory of Houthis defeat in Aden

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September Net

Four years have passed since the liberation of Aden city from Houthi militias,  in a historic battle, which considered by many to be the most important battle that toppled the Iranian project in southern Yemen.

On July 17, 2015, the southern port city of Aden, was completely retaken from the control of the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia, during one of the most important battles that defeated Iran’s sabotage project in Yemen.

“September Net” met Brig. Abu Bakr Al-Jaboli the commander of Fourth Infantry Brigade, who briefed about Aden, provided the details of the city Liberation Battle from the beginning.

Brig. Al-Jaboli said that before confrontations against Houthi militia began, a battalion consisted of newly-trained resistance fighters was formed, and it was moving between fighting fronts in Dar Sa’ad, Al-Basatin and Ja’ola.

“When siege on Aden city intensified, exactly on 20 April, 2015, and the only entrance in the west towards Al-Sabeha areas was closed, a new tactic was adopted to reinforce the fronts with fighters, who were being transferred secretly from Al-Sabeha areas, through sea, to Aden to be trained at the Students Accommodation, before deploying them to reinforce the warfronts, Al-Jaboli continued.

“In addition to that battalion, there were also some other combat battalions and many field commanders most of them from Aden, Lahj and Abyan provinces and they fought heroically during the battles to expel the the Houthi militia from the city.

They played key role in preventing the enemy’s infiltrations and offered many martyrs as well.”

The Decisive Battle

According to Al-Jaboli, on the 27th of the holy month of fasting Ramadan, 2015, the decisive battle was kicked off by pushing towards regaining Aden Airport, Badr Military Camp and Aden’s districts from the Houthi militia control.

Also, on the previous night, an assault offensive was launched on Amran Junction with the engagement of a Detachment and many heroes.

This coincided the arrival of Arab coalition’s vehicles which directly took part in combating the enemy.”

Clashes erupted at Amran junction and in the direction of Tor Al-Baha, and expanded to Airport in the next day. Based on plan, Aden was divided into two vertical sectors; the eastern sector led by Brig. Abdullah Al-Subaihi and the western one led by Maj. Fadhl Hasan, Al-Jaboli went on.

“We were involved in this battle and we managed to seize control over the Aden Airport.” Following the Airport recapture After the liberation of the Aden Airport, the camp of Badr was stormed and large number of arms and ammunition and mortars were seized, which was useful for retaking Abyan city and defending many areas in Al-Sabeha recently and for two years, Al-Jaboli explained.

“After that, we pushed towards Al-Mua’la, Al-Twahi and Crater districts in Aden reaching Al-Ma’asheeq Palace and captured it from Houthi militia.

We achieved the victory along with many fighters and commanders who are in top positions in the military.

We also remember many heroes from Aden who played key role, besides all Yemenis, in the liberation, including Naef Al-Bakri the running Minister of Sport and Youth, the martyr Maj. Gen. Saleh Al-Zandani, Al-Amoodi, Ahmed Saif Al-Yafee, Amr Saeed, Ali Hadi and many resistance leaders.”

After Aden’s districts liberation Brig. Al-Jaboli concluded by saying ” after Aden’s districts were fully regained, cleansing operations and marching were in the direction of Abyan coast, Ghazi Alwan, and then, from the east, to Al-Alam and circumvented around Al-Fayoush and Green city and Lahj, and joining with other forces that came to liberate the Air-Base of Al-Anad.

“Then orders were issued to lead a push towards Abyan until reaching the last position beyond Modia area, and going back to Aden to engage in Karesh fronts before moving to Al-Sabeha to finalize establishment of the brigade with heroe fighters who still fully loyal and committed to liberate the homeland from the Houthi militia’s theocratic and aggressive project.”

Four years ago, the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came to support the restoration of the legitimacy in Yemen after the Iran-backed Houthi militia conducted a coup against the legitimate government headed by President Hadi.

This was a turning point in the ongoing war and defeated the Iran’s project in Yemen and the region, and brought back hope to Yemeni people to build their Yemeni Arabian state. The day Aden city was liberated from the Houthi terrorist militia is an immortal day will be remembered by the city’s people as well as all Yemenis throughout the history.


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