17 Houthis killed, including 2 prominent leaders in Taiz


September Net

At least, 17 elements of Houthi militia were killed, and others wounded on Wednesday,  in clashes with the national army forces in Taiz province, southwestern of the country.

National army forces launched attacks on the Houthi militia positions on the eastern and western fronts of the province, using all types of heavy, medium and light weapons.

It coincided with the launching of the national army forces intensive artillery bombardment on the positions and gatherings of the Houthi militia on both fronts.

The shelling resulted in the destruction of militia vehicles, machine guns.

In the same context, the national army forces ambushed the Houthi militia elements in rural Heifan area, south of the city.

The ambush resulted in the killing of 2 Houthi leaders,  as they moved on a combat vehicle towards the militia positions.


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