At least 30 Houthi militants killed and injured, others captured in Taiz


September Net

The spokesman of national army in Taiz military axis Col. Abdulbasset al-Bahr said that at least 30 elements in the Houthi militia were killed and wounded and also several others captured in the past few hours eastern Taiz city.

” 12 Houthi militants were killed, 18 wounded and several others captured during fierce clashes with army troops near the republican palace, al-Tashrefat military camp, al-Hamd hospital and other areas eastern Taiz city,” Col. al-Bahr told 26 newspaper.

He added that the army forces has destroyed weapons and military vehicles belong to the Houthi rebels during the battles.

The army’s artillery forces targeted gatherings of Houthi militia and destroyed one of their military patrols, killing all the elements on board.

Col. al-Bahr confirmed that the army regained quantities of multiple weapons and ammunitions and also a number of mines and improvised explosive devices.

The recent clashes between the national army and Houthi militia in Taiz is a part of the third phase of the battle to complete the liberation of the province, preceded by two phases last month.


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