Clashes among Houthi militia in Ibb province, senior leader killed

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September Net

A senior leader of the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia were killed in clashes with militants loyal to another Houthi leader in Ibb city central the country.

Local sources said that fierce clashes erupted between militiamen loyal to the Houthi leader Abulhafez al-Sakaf, the militia-appointed police chief in the city, and another militiamen loyal to the Houthi leader Ismail Abdulkader al-Naham, so-called deputy governor of Ibb.

“Fighting resulted in killing al-Naham and eight of his escorts, as well and several militants loyal to al-Sakaf”, according to the sources.

The sources said that the clashes between the militia blocked off most of the streets in the city.

This wasn’t the first time clashes erupted among the Houthi militia. The Houthi continuously fight each other over power struggle and  financial resources in the militia controlled areas.


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