3 civilians killed by Houthi-laid explosive device in Al-Jawf

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September Net

Three civilians including a child were killed on Saturday by the explosion of an explosive device left behind by Houthi militia in Al-Jawf province.

Local sources told September Net that an improvised explosive device had been laid by Houthi rebel militia exploded under a motorcycle owned by a citizen in Al-Maslob district, west of the province.

The blast killed three civilians among them a child and wounded a fourth, the sources added.

The IED went off on a main road in the Al-Maslob district center. The Iran-backed Houthi militia has planted thousands of mines and explosive devices in various fake shapes among residential areas, public roads and in farms in all its formerly-held regions in the province.

As a result, hundreds of civilians have been left dead and injured or maimed most of them are women and children.


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