Four children abducted & sent to warfronts by Houthi militia in Amran

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militia has kidnapped four children and sent them to fight in the battlefields without their parents knowledge in Yemen’s northern province Amran.

Local sources told September Net that four children were abducted by Houthi militia from the neighborhood of Al-Fakeeh in Maswar district of Amran province.

The sources explained that the militia elements took the children to the warfronts to fight alongside its militiamen against the Yemeni national army forces, pointing out the families don’t have any information about the fate of their  abducted sons.

The kidnapped children are Bashar Hafed Mansour Ja’el, Naseem Hameed Ja’el, Bashar Hameed Al-Authrobi and Bashar Hussein Ja’el, according to the sources.


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