Houthis fire ballistic missile on Marib governor’s house

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi coup militias have fired a ballistic missile on the house of Marib governor Sheikh Sultan al-Eradah in the government-held city in eastern Yemen on Thursday.

A local security source told the Yemeni official News Agency Saba that the missile hit the governor’s house in Kara, a densely populated area in Marib “leaving immense material damage to the building but no human casualties were incurred.”

It is part “of the Houthi militias’ continuous attacks on safe civilians in Marib city with ballistic missiles,” said the source. “[Such attacks] have left scores of civilian casualties among them children and women.”

The Arab Coalition’s defenses have intercepted and destroyed most of the Houthi militias ballistic missiles fired towards the city.


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