Houthis launch donation campaign for Hizbullah militias

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September Net

Houthi militias are mobilizing funds in Yemen for the militia of Hizbullah in Lebanon, which has been classified on the international list of terrorism.

The rebel militias have launched donation campaign to collect money for Hizbullah militia, at a time the Houthis refuse to pay salaries of public servants in areas they control.

According to pro-Houthi media, the campaign has mobilized YR 73, 500, 000 ( USD 132, 000) for the Hizbullah militiamen.

Yemen faces the World’s worst humanitarian crisis, the UN says, with 85 % of the population in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

However, the Houthi militias are collecting funds for the Hizbullah militias, showing the size of connection between these two groups that are accused of being loyal and proxies of Iran.

Houthi militias have been refusing to pay the monthly dues of public employees in areas under its control, nor they agree to supply its revenues of those areas to Central Bank in Aden and the legitimacy will pay salaries.


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