Al-Hadrami: Govt determined to redress Stockholm implementation course

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September Net

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Al-Hadrami stated that the legitimate government is determined to correct Stockholm implementing track about Hodeidah in line with the well-known three terms of reference and in accordance with Stockholm Agreement.

As he met with the Acting-American Ambassador to Yemen Junaid Moniron Thursday Al-Hadrami has made it clear that the government is keen on achieving peace, however to be engaged constructively in the UN envoy’s efforts doesn’t mean that the government will continue to turn blind eye upon Houthis’ violations and intransigence, namely about the implementation of Hodeidah agreement.

Al-Hadrami underscored the importance of ramping up pressures upon Houthi militia by International Community (IC), particularly the permanent member states of the International Security Council to put an end of the militia’s violations and atrocities including the mock trails and death extrajudicial verdicts, the most recent of all the death verdicts against detainees incorporated in the prisoner-exchange deal.

For his part, the US diplomat reiterated his country’s support for the legitimate government and for the UN-peace efforts to reach comprehensive peace that is based on the three terms of reference for peaceful solution.


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