Houthis shut down summer center for not teaching militia sect courses in Ibb

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September Net

Houthi militias have stormed a school teaching summer courses west of Ibb city central the country.

Local sources told September Net the rebel militiamen stormed Sama’a Alaqsa School in Yasbil region, attempting to impose militia curriculum that promote sectarianism and extremism at the summer center organized at the school.

The Houthi curriculum include handouts of the militia Hussein al-Houthi and they promotes sectarian ideas alien to the Yemeni society, the sources added.

They confirmed that the Houthi militiamen had forced the school administration to full shut down the summer center, depriving hundreds of boys and girls from learning.

Houthi militia has forcibly imposed its sectarian courses to be taught at several summer teaching centers in the city of Ibb.


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