What’s happening in Yemen is an extension to Iranian chaotic project, Lebanese Social Affairs Minister says

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September Net

Yemen’s Ambassador to Beirut Abdullah Al-Duais discussed Monday with Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Richard Kouyoumdjian latest developments in Yemen.

Al-Duais reviewed developments on talks for implementing Stockholm agreement, pointing to Houthi stubbornness, which led to failure of implementing all commitments by Houthis in Sweden.

He also talked about Houthi militia’s crimes of looting food assistances, a matter resulted in suspension of assistance provided by World Food Program in Houthi-held areas.

For his part, the Lebanese Minister, reviewed latest developments on Lebanon’s affairs saying that what is happening in Yemen is an extension to Iranian chaotic project in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

He confirmed his country’s support to the government of Yemen, expressing regret over continuous war and suffering of Yemeni people.


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