Houthi rockets hit near childhood hospital in Marib city

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September Net

Two rockets fired by the Houthi militia into populated neighborhood hit near a childhood hospital in the city of Marib, on Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses told September Net that the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia launched on Wednesday evening two Katyusha missiles on densely residential neighborhood fell near a  hospital crowded with patients downtown Marib city.

They said the hospital was severely damaged so was several buildings and commercial stores nearby the area in which the rockets landed.

The Houthi shelling sent patients children and women who were inside hospital at the shelling moment into panic as the explosions were so huge.

The rebel militia frequently fire rockets from their remaining positions west of Marib at the densely populated areas of the city that has been a home for hundreds of thousands of displaced people who fled the Houthi oppression and atrocities in their origin regions. These militia missiles have killed and injured dozens of civilians among them children and women.


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