Info. Minister warns of repercussions of seizing passports by Houthi militia

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Minister of Information Mu’amar al-Iryani has warned from repercussions of Houthi militia’s decision of banning travel of citizens in their held areas and seizure their passports have been issued by the government since 2015.

He told Saba News Agency that giving directives by Houthi militia to their security checkpoints for seizing passports issued by the government’s offices in liberated provinces came after efforts exerted by the government for providing passports and easing measures for getting them from all liberated provinces for travelling abroad for studying, medication and work.

He held Houthi militia full accountability on this dangerous measure, which confirms its escalation of crisis and deep-rooting their coup in addition to creating obstacles and complications before citizens in their held areas to keep them hostages to their security hegemony.

He pointed out that the performance of the UN envoy and his silence towards Houthi crimes have helped increasing of violations committed by Houthi militia against citizens in their held areas.

” Yemeni people waits for quick action from the UN envoy to stop dangerous step contradicting peace requirements and efforts exerted for lifting humanitarian suffering from Yemeni people,” said al-Iryani.


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