Al-Iryani: Iranian regime has become a tool to terrorism in the region

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Information Minister Mu’amar al-Iryani has said the Iranian regime has crossed all red lines and become a means for spreading terrorism and chaos and destabilizing security of the region.

“Yemen has suffered for years from malicious Iranian regime’s interferences and policies and now the world, including super powers, are burnt by this regime’s fire and terrorism,” said al-Iryani in a statement to Saba on Saturday.

He pointed to President Hadi’s warns in 2013 of Iranian destructive role to Yemen’s security and stability and regional security.

He also pointed to terrorist practices of Iranian regime of targeting trade ships and kidnapping them and forming sectarian militias for managing proxy wars in the region- as it did in Yemen- and provided them with ballistic rockets and drones.

Minister al-Iryani demanded international community to take action against Iranian regime’s practices and remove its claws in the region, starting with Houthi militia via supporting the government for regaining the state and upending Houthi coup.

He also called on the international community to stop chaos and dangerous threat posed by Iranian regime against international trade and maritime navigation.


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