Hadhramout needs int’l community’s support, says governor

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September Net

The governor of Hadhramout said his province needs support from the international community to help it deliver services and promote its security experience to inspire all other government-held provinces.

Chairing meeting that brought together Local Authority officials of the eastern Yemen province and a visiting American delegation on Thursday, Maj. Gen. Faraj al-Bohsoni said security stability marks out Hadhramout. “The world countries take notice of Hadhramout’s distinguished state of security and look forward to help it,” he said.

The Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, at the U.S. Department of State Denise Natali, a delegation member, said what the delegation noticed on the ground, during the visit, are signs of the Local Authority’s success in realizing security in Hadhramout.

The US official said this is the highest level delegation to visit since the closure of the US embassy in Yemen. She said the US is currently focusing on how to support the countries that have fought conflicts to ensure the realization of security for them.


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