Had it not been the full Emirati support, rebellion won’t have occurred: Yemen

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Yemen’s government has blamed the United Arab Emirates, an Arab Coalition member, for veering off from the course of supporting the Yemeni government to supporting southern armed separatists who captured the country’s temporary capital, Aden, on August 11 and Abyan province to its north today.

“Had it not been the full Emirati support with planning, implementing, and financing, this rebellion would not have occurred,” Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN Abdullah al-Saadi told the UN Security Council’s meeting today.

“This plot of dismemberment of the country is still going on, despite all calls for deescalation by Saudi Arabia. The attack of yesterday that continued into today against Military Police, Special Forces and Public Security headquarters in Abyan is probably the best evidence of that,” he said.

“This armed rebellion openly threatens the unity, security and stability of Yemen and violates the goal of the Arab Coalition in Yemen.”

Yemen’s envoy also condemned the recent terror attack on Saudi oil facilities by the Houthi rebel militia in the north. He also condemned the coupist militia’s appointment of a self-proclaimed ambassador to Iran demanding the UN Security Council to reject and condemn this conduct.



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